For building construction, civil engineering and road construction, flexible transport solutions are absolutely essential. Faymonville ensures expertise.

The widest range of challenges await every day at the building site. Whether it is earth moving jobs, drilling work or loading processes – heavy equipment is part of the usual picture. When it comes to setting up buildings and developing infrastructure, flexibility plays the key role for the transport tasks.

Faymonville has a product range that moves all kinds of construction machinery safely and efficiently. The ultimate all-rounder is the MultiMAX semi low loader, with which, for example, caterpillar excavators, wheel loaders or civil engineering vehicles make their way from the building yard to the building site.

The all-rounder for the building site

The optionally telescopically extendable semi-trailer can be equipped with various options that are ideally adapted to the requirements in the construction segment: wheel troughs are used to move dumpers and the like at the optimal height. Thanks to a hydraulically widenable loading platform, there is plenty of room for wider construction machines. The MultiMAX semi low loader is also available with an excavator trough, in which the excavator’s articulated arm can be precisely fitted. The related product series of the MultiMAX Plus semi low loader comes in a lightweight design and increases the payload options accordingly.

In order to also fit through underpasses and under bridges with the construction machines at the optimal height, Faymonville has the ideal solution with various lowbed semi-trailers for every payload range. Articulated dumper trucks, compact caterpillar loaders, rollers or road grooving machines are perfectly supported on these vehicles. The low bed solution is also suitable for bulky equipment from the demolition sector and the recycling industry and from the crushing, screening and conveying technology sector.

From the low loader to the modular concept

Thanks to the removable gooseneck, provision is made for front loading. Various low bed versions from the excavator deck and the vesseldeck through to the flatbed can be used on both the MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer, as well as the VarioMAX, VarioMAX Plus, GigaMAX, CombiMAX and ModulMAX product series. In these product segments, even higher payloads can be achieved.

Construction vehicles and construction machines have different designs and sizes. Companies should bear these conditions in mind when it comes to purchasing the right transport solution. In the high tonnage sector, combinations move over to the modular vehicle superstructure of CombiMAX, ModulMAX and VarioMAX Plus. These modular concepts allow a maximum variety of combinations and are used, for example, for the heaviest construction machines, mobile crushing equipment or mining excavators.

Crucial technology makes road handling easier

The pendle axles used on the low bed semi-trailers, the drop deck trailers and the modular trailers are particularly helpful for use on difficult terrain. They provide a high stroke of 600mm, a maximum steering angle of 60° and a low loading area height.

Whether it is a matter of excavators, drilling machines, scrapers, motor graders, wheel loaders, asphalt finishers, crushers or dumpers – the Faymonville range of vehicles includes the right transport solution for every challenge in the construction sector!

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