Heavy & industrial transport

Highly demanding challenges can be divided into large volume, heavy-duty and long goods transportation.

Heavy goods specialists transport bulky, heavy or special cargo up to payloads of 500t or even a thousand tonnes. Such projects require first-class knowledge in transport and logistics. For this area of special transport and heavy goods transport, Faymonville offers tailor-made transport solutions from low loaders to modular vehicles.

Bulk transport, heavy goods transport, long goods transport and special transport can be handled using drop decks and double drop decks from Faymonville. Depending on the task, flatbeds and modular trailers are also perfectly suitable.

Heaviest goods, highest challenges

The low bed series from MegaMAX to VarioMAX pays off especially when transporting high goods, machinery or industrial parts. Thanks to the removable gooseneck it is possible to load from the front. Different low bed versions from the excavator deck and the vesseldeck through to the flatbed can be installed depending on the cargo.

The MultiMAX semi low-loader is ideal for transporting bulky, special or heavy goods. The optionally telescopic semi-trailer can be equipped with various options that are optimally adapted to the requirements for heavy-duty transport and industrial transport.

Our heavy-duty modules from the CombiMAX, VarioMAX Plus and ModulMAX product ranges distinguish themselves in the industrial transport and heavy-duty transport sector especially due to their high degree of modularity and flexibility. Particularly in the high tonnage sector it is critical for project-related loads to determine how the vehicle is put together in a modular manner down to the last detail.

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