The variety of agricultural tasks is reflected in the different equipment used for farming.

The aim of agriculture is to produce plant-based or animal products on an area of land managed for this purpose. For arable farming and livestock farming, the fields are cultivated with heavy-duty equipment.

The series of MegaMAX lowbed semi-trailers is suitable for transporting field sprayers, balers, beet harvesters and tractors. To make the loading process easier, the gooseneck can be disconnected and the machines drive onto the low bed from the front.

Low beds for high agricultural machinery

New to the range is a 2-axle lowbed trailer with a hydraulically widenable loading area. When retracted it is just 1,600 mm wide and it can be infinitely adjusted up to 3,650 mm. In terms of the loading width, this results in the ultimate flexibility, for example for taking combine harvesters with crawler drives without having to remove them. The 2-axle low bed also has receptacles for widening planks between the outer beams. This creates a support surface for the support foot of self-loading trailers or liquid manure tanks.

This distinctive adaptability also sets the MegaMAX apart when selecting the steering system. For instance, the rear bogie can be equipped with knuckle steering or independent wheel suspension. Hydraulic pendle axles are the ideal solution for easily overcoming uneven surfaces in lanes, fields and access roads.

A variety of uses between the field and farmyard

Combine harvesters, forage harvesters, tractors, silo trucks and liquid manure tanks can also be transported by low loader. Double hydraulic ramps or single ramps make loading and unloading agricultural machinery easier on a single drop trailer. A rigid gooseneck extends the loading area, whilst the hydraulically hinged gooseneck enables the load to be better distributed. Integrated wheel troughs in the semi low loader reduce the overall height for passing under low bridges and underpasses.

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