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The Faymonville Group is a real full-range supplier! Aside from Faymonville, the group includes several other product and service brands.

Faymonville Group - Our Brands

Faymonville Group

The unique variety of products offered by Faymonville, Cometto and MAX Trailer have enabled the Faymonville Group to position itself as a full-range supplier in the sector of heavy load transport and special transport.

The portfolio includes transport solutions for payloads from 15 tonnes to 25,000 tonnes … and beyond.

MAX Trailer - Our Brands

MAX Trailer

The unique MAX Trailer principle has taken on a pioneering role since its market launch in 2012.

High-quality vehicles can be configured as needed using a modular building system for payloads from 15 to 60 tonnes.

Usage-oriented, simple solutions are more in demand than ever before. The product range includes semi low loaders, flatbed trailers, lowbed trailers and drawbar trailers.

MAX Trailer Website

Faymonville - Our Brands


Faymonville manufactures low loaders, lowbed trailers, flatbed trailers and modular trailers for payloads from 20 tonnes to 500 tonnes.

Using a modular building system, Faymonville offers customer-specific solutions that are designed for all requirements outside the conventional standards.

We are the experts in the exceptional, and special vehicles from Faymonville are used to transport oversized loads around the world. Everything tall, long, wide or heavy!

Faymonville products excel in their technical precision and quality of processing.

Faymonville Website

Cometto - Our Brands


Since being acquired in 2017 by the Faymonville Group, Cometto is the specialist for the development and manufacture of self-propelled modular vehicles for payloads of up to 25,000 tonnes … and beyond.

The company also offers special heavy load transporters for industrial applications: Shipyard and steelwork transporters as well as conveyance systems.

Cometto Website

Faymonville Trade & Services

Faymonville Trade & Services

The branch office in Landsberg am Lech (DE) is the hub for sales of immediately available special vehicles from the Faymonville, MAX Trailer and Cometto brands. Heavy-duty tractor units from various manufacturers and different tipper models will also be offered here.

Brand-neutral maintenance work and even general overhauls are carried out in the 2,500 m2 workshop.

Used vehicles from all manufacturers are also available. In addition to vehicle leasing, the service portfolio is rounded off by finance options.

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