Faymonville has been the leader in the development of advanced glass inloaders for decades.

Transporting glass is a demanding job. Upright panes of glass or glass pane packages are getting bigger and bigger up to XXL format.

The vehicles must therefore be increasingly lighter and more weight-optimised for the optimal capacity utilisation. Always with the aim of being able to take higher payloads.

Lightweight construction for greater payload

The harmonisation of state-of-the-art technology with simple and safe handling makes the difference for the FloatMAX made by Faymonville.

The inloader impresses thanks to ingenious load securing when transporting massive and high glass panels.

It owes its maximum stability to its one-piece longitudinal chassis beam, the sophisticated aerodynamics and optimal load distribution.

Safety and protection of the glass

Certified load securing systems suitable for A or L frames make transporting glass freight a safe venture.

A number of versions with or without hub swings and with various shaft lengths are designed for different tractor units and overall lengths.

A resilient tarpaulin protects the glass panels from condensation trails. The sealing tarpaulin behind the glass frame prevents splashing water from penetrating.

Success stories