Railway vehicles

Transport is particularly challenging when rail vehicles have to leave or be brought to their track bed.

The transport of trams, railway vehicles, locomotives, trains, motor coaches and wagons is demanding and requires specially selected materials. The overall height represents a challenge together with the loading process or the track guidance of the bogies.

Special vehicles from Faymonville ensure the mobility of rail vehicles away from the tracks. They leave the track bed both for the necessary maintenance work and for the replacement of wagons and motor coaches.

Special technology for special requirements

The semi low loader impresses due to its practical structure and manoeuvrability. When transporting railway vehicles, it is popular to fit cranked axles in the semi-trailer. A real plus, as in this way the load easily stays below the necessary overall heights, meaning underpasses pose no obstacle. These axles also create the optimal vehicle width, which meet the country-specific provisions for such projects. Both loading and unloading of the MultiMAX is easily handled due to the various ramp systems. These include the double hydraulic ramp and the single hydraulic ramp.

Liftable and lowerable rear extension

Another technical finesse is the option of rail track with different track widths embedded in the loading platform. This variability is important because the rail vehicles have different track widths depending on the country where they are used. A hydraulically liftable and lowerable rear extension - a so-called stander – is used to safely load and unload railway vehicles and to optimise the load distribution. The integrated rail extensions on the “stander” allow a loading ramp with a maximum incline of 2.5° to be quickly set up. This is set up without the aid of fork-lift trucks or the like. What is more, the rear extension can take a payload of up to 15t during transportation. This lever effect allows much of the strain to be taken off the tractor unit and the load distribution to be further optimised.

Also for the heaviest rail vehicles

The lowbed series is the ideal solution for the height-optimised transportation of rail vehicles. There is a choice here of the VarioMAX, VarioMAX Plus or our MegaMAX. There are several low bed options to optimally set the vehicle out for the transportation of rail vehicles: widenable hydraulic vesseldecks, flat vesseldecks and flat outer beams.

Heavy-duty modules from the CombiMAX range also come into question for the heaviest jobs thanks to their variety of combinations.