Lowbed trailer with pendle axle chassis between the gooseneck and the low bed.
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VarioMAX lowbed trailer

VarioMAX is a particularly adaptable and versatile series of lowbed semi-trailers, consisting of a front and rear bogie, based on 4 to 9 axles.

The low loading height and high payload of the VarioMAX semi-trailer are the economic and flexible solution for numerous different tasks in heavy duty or special transport.


Due to the use of lighter 17.5“ pendle axles, the weight and total truck length of the VarioMAX have also been further reduced.

The advantage: special permissions for special transports are easier to obtain, depending on country-specific regulations.

Suspension and steering

The lowbed trailer VarioMAX is equipped with hydraulic suspension.

The following axle system may be used:

  • Pendle axles

Equipment & accessories

The lowbed VarioMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options for the low-bed semitrailer include:

  • extendable
  • removable gooseneck
  • outer beams with fixed wooden floor
  • excavator deck
  • vessel deck: outer beams without fixed wooden floor
  • vessel deck hydraulically extendable in width (single or double function)
  • Split bogie: connectable axles, which increase application versatility
  • Intermediate platform which connects the front axles to the rear axles to create a flatdeck

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