Finished parts

Finished parts are components made of concrete, timber or steel, which can be used without further processing.

When constructing commercially used buildings, particularly in the case of industrial halls and office buildings, it is normal to use prefabricated construction elements. Precast concrete parts are also used when erecting whole blocks of residential homes.

A higher level of quality is achieved by means of prefabrication, as the individual elements are put together under controlled conditions instead of outdoors. Whether using extendable semi low loaders and flatbed trailers, with the inloader or dolly trailer combination: the Faymonville vehicle solutions impress due to their operating ability and efficiency when it comes to transporting these types of prefabricated parts and long materials.

The inloader and its special features

The specialist for the transport of precast concrete parts is the Faymonville inloader. The special vehicle with the product name PrefaMAX scores highly among other things due to its telescopic extension, its hydraulic pallet locking mechanism, a certified load securing system, its high load security and low unladen weight.

Prefabricated components made of timber, steel or concrete can also be transported in an optimal manner with the MultiMAX semi low loader. Its different axle systems are particularly extensive and versatile, ranging from the pendle axle, the knuckle-steering axle, the friction-steered axle through to the independent suspension.

Options for longest loads

Due to its multiple telescopically extendable loading platform, the Faymonville flatbed semi-trailer meanwhile is particularly good at transporting very long loads. The tried-and-tested bogie steering on the TeleMAX stands for high manoeuvrability and short maintenance intervals. If looking for a particularly low loading platform, the knuckle steering on the flatbed trailer is the preferred option. In contrast, the hydraulic pendle axles guarantee remarkable axle compensation on uneven ground.

Another version when transporting prefabricated parts is defined by its dolly bogie. The FlexMAX self-steering trailer proves itself due to its adjustable steering system, particularly when transporting self-supporting long material.