2 to 10-axle low loader, extendable up to 36 metres
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MultiMAX low loader

The MultiMAX is an economic and flexible solution for a multitude of different transport tasks - a genuine all-rounder!

Due to a whole series of specific options, the ideal vehicle combination can be found for every application area: from construction and heavy-duty transport, crane projects through to energy, agriculture and forestry.

  • Particularly versatile and extensive
  • 2 to 10 axles
  • Payloads up to 120 tonnes possible
  • Extendable up to 36 meters


Cost-effectiveness, adaptability and speed are factors that put a company on the road to success. Semi low loaders from Faymonville provide the foundations for you to precisely meet these requirements.

The goosenecks

Design, fifth wheel load, turning radius - all this is determined according to the tractor unit used, and the everyday projects for which the vehicle is expected to be employed.

The loading platform

There is a choice between non-telescopically extendable and up to 3 times telescopically extendable versions.The most extensive range of ramps of any low loader manufacturer is also available. 

The bogie

A whole series of different axle types are available in the Faymonville semi low loader range. Their selection depends on the vehicle’s expected field of application, the cost/benefit calculation as well as the desired payload capacities.

The steering

Steered axles are generally installed on all vehicle variants in the MultiMAX family. 

The ramps

For driving onto the loading platform of the vehicle, the Faymonville semi-trailer range offers hydraulically operated single and double ramps with different load bearing capacities, several coverings and various widths. 

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