2 to 10-axle low loader, extendable up to 50 metres
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MultiMAX low loader

MultiMAX is a particularly versatile and extensive semi-trailer series, which is based on 2 to 10 axles and is extendable up to 50 metres and more (telescopic central beam) with a high payload.

The MultiMAX semi-trailer is thus the economic and flexible solution to a multitude of different transport tasks.

The perfect allrounder for construction sites and off-road!
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Suspension and steering

The MultiMAX semi low loader can be equipped selectively with hydraulic or pneumatic suspension.

Various steering systems can be used:

  • Friction steered axles
  • Knuckle-steering (hydraulic) axles
  • Pendle axles
  • PA-X: the LOW pendle-axle (790mm loading height and 600mm stroke)
  • Independent wheel suspension (Faymonville Twin Axle II)

Equipment & accessories

The MultiMAX semi trailer can be tailored individually to the transport requirements.

Here are just a few of the equipment options:

  • Different ramp systems
  • Hydraulically lift- and lowerable gooseneck
  • Hydraulically lift- and lowerable platform
  • Troughs (wheel troughs, excavator troughs)
  • ...

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