In the government sector for equipping national defence apparatus, Faymonville impresses with its vehicle quality.

The military equipment of any country requires special means of transport. Because even in countries with poor transport infrastructure and extreme climate conditions, a change of location must always be ensured. The requirements of the trailers are high and need special treatment. Faymonville is able to meet these specifications through its high level of technology competence.

In the case of the army, single drop trailers are used to transport tanks, jeeps, supply containers and military equipment for maintenance and logistics purposes. The MultiMAX low loader is regarded as the economic, technically sophisticated and flexible answer to these special challenges. Wheeled vehicles and caterpillar track vehicles in a wide variety of weight classes are easily loaded and moved.

Competence and quality for military requirements

The single ramps are ideal for driving military vehicles onto the drop deck, whereas double ramps further reduce the drive-on angle during this process. Opting for a rigid gooseneck on the semi low loader extends the loading area. A hydraulically hinged gooseneck meanwhile allows the loading area to be raised when driving over difficult ground.

When it comes to government contracts, Faymonville impresses with its in-depth knowledge of military requirements in the case of special vehicles. Complex projects and their special features when dealing with them are in good hands. Fundamental strengths also include the quality assurance system and documentation according to military regulations.