Twin Axle II : the principle of the independent wheel suspension by Faymonville

A low loading height, a large axle stroke as well as a maximum steering angle of 57° - that is Twin Axle II

Faymonville is a full-range supplier - in every sense. Also in terms of the different axle systems that can be used within the semi-trailer types. The Twin-Axle II system is another component in this range.

From the rigid axle to the friction steered axle, from the hydraulically steered axle to the pendle axle and the independent wheel suspension. Faymonville has every axle system in its program! 

Advantages of the independent suspension Twin Axle II

The "Twin Axle II" has some specific advantages, which are particularly ideal for semi-low loaders such as the MultiMAX or low bed semi-trailers such as the MegaMAX:

  • Minimum loading height (lowerable up to 780mm loading height)
  • Huge axle stroke (-70mm / + 245mm)
  • Maximum steering angle 57 °
  • Increased payload
  • Optimized maintenance costs
  • Higher rentability
  • Optimal km / cost ratio
  • Easy wheel change
  • Zinc galvanisation
  • Aspöck Nordic connectors

Last but not least, the "Twin Axle II" offers higher axle loads for the German market, where two more tonnes can be loaded per axle line.

Even lighter, but also more robust. Rigid central beams can be used thanks to the independent suspension due to the absence of a continuous axle structure.

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