Lowbed trailer with removable gooseneck, lowbed and a bogie with 1-5 axles. If required available with 1 or 2-axle dolly.
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MegaMAX lowbed trailer

The MegaMAX lowbed trailer features a removable gooseneck, a lowbed and a bogie with 1-5 axles.

A 1- or 2-axle dolly can be incorporated between the tractor and gooseneck if required for additional load capacity and optimal weight distribution.

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Proven technology
  • Simple operation
  • Low dead weight



Central beam neck

If heavy loads for construction and industry sites need to be transported, a gooseneck with central beam design is the right choice for the low-bed semitrailer.

This technology enables easy and simple coupling, even on difficult terrain. A central beam neck is needed if a 1- or 2-axle dolly is added to the lowbed trailer.

  • High stability
  • Simple coupling
  • Safe handling

STANDARD: Hydraulic screw coupling, Spare wheel

OPTION: Hydraulic multi-coupling, Power Pack, Tow hitch for dollies, Height-adjustable support for mower, ZT Light gooseneck

Outer beam neck

The use of an outer beam neck on the lowbed trailer keeps the overall length of combination compact.

This gooseneck also enables a combination with a 1-axle dolly. This is especially applicable when transporting industrial goods. An outer beam neck is available for lowbeds with up to 3 axles.

  • Compact design
  • Long loading area
  • Robust structure
  • Loading space between outer beams

STANDARD: Hydraulic screw coupling, Spare wheel, Removable steel ramps

OPTION: Hydraulic multi-coupling, Aluminium covers, U-beam for ramps, Tarpaulin structure, Power Pack, Tow hitch for dollies

Low bed versions at a glance

Lowbeds come in many versions and payload categories for the MegaMAX. The wide range of products at Faymonville allows for a variety of uses.

The bogies at a glance

Bogie technologies

Different options are available when choosing the bogie for the MegaMAX. To make the right decision, it is important to consider which tasks will be carried out with the lowbed vehicle and which route profiles will have to be managed.

The excavator trough

Each bogie type includes as standard a large and deep excavator trough. When moving different kind of excavators or demolition machines, the boom is integrated in the trough of the MegaMAX.

A really useful technology to reduce the total transport height considerably. This allows to master height restrictions when passing bridges or power lines.

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