VarioMAX Plus

Low bed trailer where the strenghts are its high payload capacity, the modular versatility and the agile handling
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VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer

The VarioMAX Plus is the payload-optimised solution for the transport of heavy construction machinery for civil and road construction, mobile conveying and crushing systems in the demolition and recycling sectors, as well as transformers.

The strengths of the VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer are its high payload capacity, modular versatility and agile handling.


Use the Joker!

Inspired by the proven CombiMAX technology, the VarioMAX Plus lowbed gives you the option to expand an initially chosen combination.

This is based on the proven joker-axle technology, which means that higher payload requirements can be met by intergrating single axle bogies into the configuration.

It enables a flexible adaptation of the combination to load, legal payloads and routing.

Absolutely unique

The joker axle is A STRUCTURALLY IDENTICAL 1-axle bogie that can be installed both between the gooseneck and front bogie, as well as between the low bed and rear bogie.

Crosses every bridge - today and tomorrow!

In terms of bridge maintenance, there is lack of rehabilitation in many countries and the infrastructure suffers. Stricter regulations enforced by the authorities regulate driving over bridges to protect the structures.

To put it simply, this means: reduced permissible axle loads for these road sections! A development to which the VarioMAX Plus holds the solution. Its joker axle can be integrated as required and without much effort. This reduces the axle load, which makes it easier to obtain permits.

Regardless of what the future may bring: thanks to this approach, the VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer remains legally compliant and cost-effective on the road.

Description of the VarioMAX Plus low bed semitrailer

  • Expansion options thanks to the joker-axle
  • Fast conversion options
  • Compact design for an optimised overall vehicle length
  • Intuitive and simple operating concept
  • 900 mm excavator trough with a basic vehicle width of 2,850 mm
  • Excellent manoeuvrability due to high steering angle of 60°
  • Robust and proven trailer technology
  • Low maintenance costs

The VarioMAX Plus low-bed semi trailer provides a particularly good ratio of payload to dead weight.

Technical features

  • Choose between one or two interesections between bogies
  • Adjustable fifth wheel load
  • Pendle-axle technology for 600 mm stroke and 60° steering angle
  • Robust due to the use of high-tensile steel
  • Available in 2,550 mm or 2,850 mm basic width
  • Available with sturdy 19.5“ or weight-optimised 17.5“ tyres

The versatile VarioMAX Plus low-bed range enables various applications:

  • Excavator deck: Caterpillar track vehicles can be transported hanging by utilising an excavator deck with minimum ground clearance. Such low beds can also be telescopically extendable, which makes them versatile for many applications. The booms and timber boards can also be widened without much effort and positioned to two different loading heights.
  • Outer beams: The telescopically extendable outer beams provide optimal stability for the loads and can be supplied with suspended widenings.
  • Widenable outer beams: The hydraulic widening, the Hydro-Shift principle, enables this variant to be flexibly adjusted in terms of width. Full load capacity with maximum widening is therefore guaranteed. A simple extension is also possible with this low bed. It is ideal for transporting heavy, wide construction machines.

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