Innovative vehicle system consisting of modularly combinable components.
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CombiMAX - modular vehicle system

Success is not a coincidence, but the result of carefully considered  decisions. Modularity is the key to success in times of rapid innovation. Modular vehicles provide the flexibility to react quickly to changing requirements.

This revolutionary new approach creates room for continuous adaptation and extension. The combination of modular components not only shapes the present, but also provides a flexible framework for the future. A future that builds on unlimited possibilities and endless flexibility.

The Faymonville CombiMAX combines modularity, flexibility and profitability in a single concept. It stands for the revolution in the heavy duty transport sector!


Flexibility is not only a promise, but the DNA of the Faymonville CombiMAX. This unique principle is the master of modularity.

Its sophisticated design facilitates vehicle configurations of up to 250 tons payload as required. The use of standardised components produces a modular system that provides free and endless possibilities.

This ease of handling means that you spend less time on preparation and more time on the road. The unique Add-On-Beam is a true showstopper. This makes the CombiMAX the only modular system on the market that can also be used as a telescopic semi low loader.

The goosenecks

The gooseneck for the CombiMAX has a universal design. A variety of bogies as well as the Add-On-Beam, lowbeds and other components can be easily attached with the integrated hook receptacle and bolt coupling. All this is determined according to the tractor unit used, and the everyday projects for which the modular road vehicle is expected to be employed.

  • V30 & V40 goosenecks

The bogies

The patented combination of universal coupling heads and a full-length trough makes the CombiMAX bogies a unique concept. All attachments such as lowbeds, the Add-On-Beam or lighting elements are designed so that they can be combined with bogies of different basic widths and overall heights.

  • Front bogie : 2 to 3 axles
  • The joker axle
  • Central bogie : 2 to 6-axles
  • Rear bogie : 4 to 5-axles

The axles

The CombiMAX is always equipped with pendle-axles, which are designed to tackle particularly difficult track and terrain profiles. There is a choice between 17.5" and 19.5" single wheels and 17.5" dual wheels. The difference between the two sizes is the maximum possible axle load and the loading height. Thanks to the pendular movements, they ensure optimal load compensation between the individual axles on uneven roads. The loading platform remains in horizontal equilibrium, with the load safely in position.

Other components

The outstanding Add-On-Beam comes into play for long loads, while lowbeds of all kinds optimise transport height. Wind tower adapters are a favourite accessory in the wind power industry. Spacer platforms or drawbar combinations cover yet more specialised fields of application.

  • Add-On-Beam
  • Lowbeds
    • Quick coupling device
    • Outer beams with fixed floor - ATX-A and AT-A
    • Outer beams with removable floor - KB(X)
    • Vesseldeck with hydraulic widening - KBV
    • Widenable outer beams - ATV
    • Excavator deck - BB
    • Flatbed deck - FBX
  • Tower adapter
  • Turntable with spacer platform
  • Drawbar and traction equipment

The low pendle-axle PA-X

When it comes to pendle-axles of Faymonville, the PA-X variant has a particularly low design. The optimised design reduces the loading heights of the vehicles by 70 millimetres. This is achieved successfully without compromising on the strong steering characteristics and the considerable lift. As a consequence of this approach, the user has more options when transporting heavy loads.

  • PA-X for CombiMAX

Rail vehicle

The transportation of trams, underground carriages and locomotives requires special equipment. Loading and unloading them by crane is generally not possible. Apart from the overall height and the load weight, the loading procedure and the track width of the bogies also pose a challenge. The CombiMAX modular system is also suitable for these tasks thanks to the variety of possible combinations.

  • The solution with PA-X axles
  • The solution with cranked axles

Standardisation down to the spare part

When developing the CombiMAX concept, we focused on the standardisation of components. This principle is the common denominator throughout the individual components. For example, in the pendle-axle sector, both 17.5" and 19.5" bogies share the same components, including cylinders, bearings and wearing parts of the axles. This consistent standardisation ensures a fast supply of spare parts - worldwide thanks to our reliable partners. Swift and efficient maintenance ensures operational safety and a smooth transport process at the end of the day.

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