The tower adapter for modular vehicles

Tower adapters are available in the Faymonville range as an optional component.

Tower adapters with a lifting capacity of 100 t are available as a further component within the Faymonville product range. They are used for the height-optimised transport of tower segments with the most diverse lengths and diameters.

These special devices are coupled either with a free-turning device or directly between heavy load modules. The free-turning device allows to overcome even the tightest bends and obstacles.

Loading and unloading can be done without a crane. The tower adapter is hydraulically adjusted to the flange diameter and in this way ensures a secure connection during transport.

A well-conceived work platform on each tower adapter also ensures absolute safety of the operating personnel.

The technical description:

  • Payload: 100,000 kg
  • Internal flange diameter: 2,850 – 5,000 mm
  • Mechanically compatible with the CombiMAX, G-Modul and S-Modul series
  • Lower dead weight than comparable low beds
  • Improved turning radius thanks to more compact overall vehicle width
  • Prepared for the mounting of a free-turning device
  • Convenient radio remote control for the hydraulic functions
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