Inloader for glass transport.
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The Faymonville FloatMAX is a multi-functional inloader for the transportation of glass.

Built on 3 axles and equipped with a sophisticated securing system, the FloatMAX semi-trailer, partially metallised as standard, guarantees a high level of loading safety for the transportation of heavy and tall glass panes.



The FloatMAX Inloader is equipped with pneumatic suspension and independent suspension (stub axles on axle balancers).

Lashing of the load

One of the following systems can be optionally used to secure the load in the FloatMAX:

  • A vertical and horizontal hydraulic and adjustable glass bracing system for "A" and "L" frames.
  • The patented Faymonville MECA PUSH load lashing system, horizontal hydraulic-mechanic operation, for "A" and "L" frames.

FloatMAX inloader variants

The FloatMAX is available in various versions, each exactly aligned to the individual transport requirements.

  • Light
  • Lightweight
  • Economy
  • XL
  • XXL
  • UK version light 
    • adapted to British legislation.
  • With loadable platform:
    • Glass inloader with siding tarpaulin.
    • Gooseneck in platform design (additional loading platform).

Equipment & accessories

The FloatMAX Inloader can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. Here are just a few of the equipment options

  • Auxiliary heating
  • Awnings and sliding tarpaulins
  • Aluminium wheel rims

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