The king of the highway

Getting more payload power and more versatility in a simple way – this is the aim behind the product range HighwayMAX-Booster.

The next generation in highway trailers allows new transport possibilities for the hauling industry.

The principle behind it is as simple as ingenious. A 3-axle chassis and self-tracking pivot design is coupled to the back of the trailer when heavy load needs to be moved. By using the booster, the number of axles is increased over which the weight is distributed, thanks to well thoughtout pressure transfer.

This process creates an overall increase in payload capacity. A 9+3 axle trailer/booster combination adds up to a legal payload of around 205,000 lbs at 20,000 lbs per axle.

Strong and versatile

In order to take on extremely compact payloads when extended and with the booster coupled, the chassis has been made even stronger. Further developments for a pioneering vehicle concept. “As the first ever manufacturer in North America, we introduced a telescopic trailer with nine hydraulic pendle-axles in 2015”, recalls Rainer Noe, the product manager.

“It is the original, and with the booster-version, we have now gone on to develop it even further.” An automatic levelling system is part of the booster control system providing constant axle loads.

Saving time and money

A special focus has been put on easy and user-friendly handling, Rainer Noe explains a particular feature: “When it is transported empty, the booster can just be uncoupled and loaded onto the main vehicle. The mobilization is faster than with any other vehicle in this payload class. You save time and money”.

Closed and with the booster decked, the truck and trailer length remains below 90’ allowing to travel without escort in the most states.

When reversing, the booster can simply be lifted up hydraulically. Consequently, the main vehicle was designed for the temporary bearing of the total payload by targeted engineering. This is also particularly advantageous for the driver when manoeuvring through winding segments or twisty access roads.

The HighwayMAX-Booster with a 3-axle pin-on nitro-booster helps to significantly increase the legal payload capacity
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