Modular CombiMAX trailer provides increased payloads

In autumn, the company Graß ISL GmbH & Co. KG received a request to convert two very large, 4-chamber tanks at short notice.

This was a complex project with very little lead time that the heavy load specialists from Petershagen were able to carry out thanks to their CombiMAX vehicle from Faymonville.

“We were able to make the requested deadline thanks to the modularity and the short configuration time”, explained the satisfied project leader, Nico Graß, afterwards. The first challenge was already waiting for the Graß team before the job started. “The low tare weight of the CombiMAX, and especially the Add-On-Beam extension, helped us with the permit for the unladen journey to the site.”

This unique component of the CombiMAX helped the Graß company, “to drive onto the site with almost no restrictions at a total length of only 28 m. Hardly any setup time was needed on-site. Thanks to the extension, the 5+7 combination was simply telescoped and ready to load in no time.”

Safe, fast and uncomplicated

The transport could begin. The whole procedure required a tank (26 m long, 5 m diameter - 88 t) to be taken into a hangar and offloaded at a temporary storage area. In the second step, a second tank (24 m long x 5.8 m diameter - 105 t) was transported to the other side of the site. It was then unloaded with two mobile cranes and stored until removal. The last step involved transporting the first container back into the production hall.

For Nico Graß, this was a project made for the CombiMAX and its strengths. “The spacial conditions on the company’s property were very tight and the land sloped steeply. Thanks to the large steering angle of the pendle-axle, the optimally adjustable steering geometry and the high stroke of 600 mm, we were able to carry out the transport safely, quickly and without complications.”

Payload increase to 150 t

With the CombiMAX components, the Graß company was able to get maximum flexibility for the highest payload range. And that’s for transporting transformers, boilers, containers, presses, or machine parts. “The CombiMAX kit increased our payload possibilities to over 150 t.”

Although that is still not enough, Nico Graß continued. “In practice, it’s a great advantage for us to work with reduced axle loads by using more axles, thanks to the modularity.” Define and combine – everyday support at Graß. “We can increase the vehicle’s utilisation thanks to the combinability.“

A kit full of possibilities that opened new doors for the team. “There are no limits to our flexibility thanks to our 12-axle lines, the many different loading beds, the Add-On-Beam extension trailer and the continuous excavator trailer.” 

Modular CombiMAX trailer provides increased payloads
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