Heavy haulers in North America go for the Faymonville HighwayMAX

Leading transport companies acquired this brand-new product.

Just a few weeks after the market launch of the new HighwayMAX in North America, the first conclusion is really impressive. 

Some of the leading companies in the North American transport sector acquired this brand-new product from the Belgian manufacturer and it truly lives up to their expectations.

Faymonville - quality and technical competence that counts

Specific requirements need specific solutions, which is why Faymonville proposes a trailer that has been designed for special commodity transport on the roads and highways of North America. It fully complies with national regulations with regard to axle group dimensions, thereby allowing maximum payload. The trailer has been called HighwayMAX and it is an extendable on-road heavy haul trailer with 9 hydraulically steered pendular axles and a technical payload of 260,000 lbs.

Leading transport companies convinced by the HighwayMAX

And the list of new customers that ordered a HighwayMAX from Faymonville gets longer and longer: Sarens, Berard Transportation HO, Global Specialized, Penney, Steve Sharp or Capital City HO – big transport companies were convinced by the quality and the technical know-how behind this new product.

“With its pendular axles with a stroke of 23. 6” and a turning angle of +/-60 degrees, the HighwayMAX is unique in North America” says Paul Hönen, while emphasising the pioneering role of Faymonville with this trailer. “The fully metalized frame ensures the best corrosion protection available on the market. The extremely high demand for this new commodity in the USA and Canada highlights its innovative character”.  

User-oriented developments leads to maximum transport efficiency

The sophisticated technology and user-oriented developments are the manufacturer’s trademark. “Customers appreciate the unparalleled quality of workmanship. Our products also have improved characteristics with regard to handling and technology. The trailer can be easily retracted to attain a truck/trailer total length not exceeding 90’, which eliminates the need for escorts”, which is the positive feedback about the ‘newcomer’ from Belgium that Paul Hönen receives on a daily basis. 

The technical features ensure maximum transport efficiency and contributes to transport safety.  All axles allow for a very narrow turning radius for maximum maneuverability. The hydraulic and mechanical 5th wheel load adjustment allows for maximum operational flexibility, as well as hydraulic gooseneck compensation with the first axle group.

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