Highway trailer for heavy haul projects with legal payloads up to 205,000lbs and beyond
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HighwayMAX stretch trailer

The 9-axle HighwayMAX is a beneficial trailer for anyone looking to cut down set up time prior to loading and to reduce empty weight to increase payload.

A real workhorse for North American heavy haulers, which allows them to grow their business!

Recently, Faymonville launched the next generation: the HighwayMAX-Booster with a 3-axle pin-on nitro-booster to significantly increase the legal payload capacity!

The original – only from Faymonville!
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The user-friendly HighwayMAX excels thanks to its outstanding maneuverability and fast mobilization.

The king-pin steering and the use of hydraulic pendle-axles with a steering angle of up to 60° let the trailer follow the truck ideally around the tightest corners. The user also has the option to override the steering manually using either a cable or wireless remote control.

The 23.6” axle stroke allows to manage very uneven roads or jobsites and to self-load cargo, thereby saving on lifting equipment cost.

Moreover, the trailer can be very easily stretched and retracted within minutes. When closed, the total “truck and trailer” length does not exceed 90’, allowing to travel without escort in most states.

The HighwayMAX also convinces with a strong chassis design to move very compact and concentrated loads with very little deflection and highest stability, while keeping the tare weight low.

Finally, it fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.

Check out the technical features that ensure maximum transport efficiency and safety:

  • Nine hydraulically steered pendle-axle lines with 23.6” stroke and 60° steering angle
  • Extremely high point loads of 44,000 lbs over each axle bearing and 88,000 lbs over center spine
  • Very low dead weight +/- 62,500 lbs
  • HighwayMAX-1: Legal payload at 20,000lbs/axle of up to 170,000 lbs / technical payload of up to 246,000 lbs.
  • HighwayMAX-Booster: Legal payload at 20,000 lbs/axle of up to 205,000 lbs / technical payload without booster up to 280,000 lbs
  • Lowest mobilization cost in its payload range
  • Easy stretching up to 90’ deck length and easy retracting down to 90’ total length incl. the truck
  • All axles can be lifted individually
  • Hydraulic gooseneck compensating with the first axle group
  • Hydraulic and mechanical 5th wheel load adjustment
  • Multiple lashing rings and load fixing points
  • US-DOT certified components for brake- and lighting system
  • Spare parts available in the US market
  • Fully metalized frame for the best corrosion protection available in the market

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