Putting down new roots

A chestnut tree more than 70 years old at Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands has to make room for 60 new residential units.

Not by using a chainsaw but by moving to a new location.

The residents are amazed when the huge tree rises from its hole in the ground in the early morning. Considerable finesse is required from the crane driver when lifting it out. The roots are wrapped in a linen bag to protect them from drying out.

The white horse-chestnut weighs around 40 tons when it is lowered onto the waiting modular vehicle from Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff b.v. Sjoerd Nederhoff describes the challenges of such a project: “Crossing curbs, dodging street lights and maintaining balance at the same time requires a stable and compact transportation solution that is intuitive to use. The 6-axle module from Faymonville is ideal for a task like this.”

Third location for chestnut tree

The otherwise lively Prins Bernardlaan seems to be frozen. Numerous onlookers stop and pull out their mobile phones.

A snapshot like this is a rare thing. Meanwhile, the Nederhoff experts secure the unusual cargo. Property developer Bogor attaches great importance to the issue of sustainability.

That’s why cutting down the chestnut tree with its crown diameter of 14 metres was also not an option. During early investigations, it was found that the tree had been already transplanted once in the past.

Pendle-axles make for driving stability

After about an hour and a half, the chestnut arrives 115 metres farther away as the crow flies at its new location in Anna van Burenlaan. The Nederhoff crew safely manoeuvres the Faymonville ModulMAX modular vehicle to the designated location.

Thanks to the pendle-axles, the combination remains safe to drive. The crane is already there for unloading. It’s hoped that the chestnut will replant its roots here. A third and hopefully last time.

Publication date: 03/2022

Putting down new roots - Success Stories
Putting down new roots - Success Stories
Putting down new roots - Success Stories
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