Ready for the desert

Extreme climatic conditions and difficult terrain make desert regions significantly demanding for equipment.

High-quality workmanship is very important for customers there. That is precisely why Orient Heavy Haulage found the right stuff with Faymonville.

For the longest possible operating life, Faymonville has set a new standard with its MAXProtect+ process. “We appreciate the surface treatments and metallisation technology used here very highly,” says Ramez Naber, CEO of the Jordanian special transport company, naming a particularly special feature.

“Compared to other suppliers, Faymonville’s vehicles offer better protection against weather and environmental impacts.”

Built-in strength for a strong result

Quality is the most essential criterion for Orient Heavy Haulage, and this quality is the result of well-thought-out processes. For Ramez Naber, the modern production technologies at Faymonville are the benchmark.

Even the final assembly has a direct impact on the use in sandy desert conditions. With this in mind, all components are assembled once they have been painted. “This is a very clean solution, and one that makes it less vulnerable because the paint doesn’t work its way into the parts.“

A reliable partner

Orient Heavy Haulage now has a large fleet of vehicles from Faymonville. Aside from 24 G-ST ModulMAX axle lines with numerous decks and accessories, they have since added two 8-axle and four 6-axle MultiMAX semi low loaders, as well as six 4-axle TeleMAX blade trailers with triple extensions.

Powerful equipment that has helped Orient Heavy Haulage to become an industry leader in the region. “Faymonville always offers us just the right solution that meets our high technical requirements,” says Ramez Naber with satisfaction.

He and his colleagues also appreciate and trust in one of Faymonville’s virtues that is highly valued in the Arab world – reliability. “We work in very close cooperation and any of our questions to the technical department and after-sales service are always given full attention.”

Ready for the desert - Success Stories
Ready for the desert - Success Stories
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