With the MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer through Italy

When it comes to special transport, the height of the load often represents a real challenge.

The MegaMAX range shows its strengths when the transport process depends on the decisive millimetres. The Italian customer Pacello Shipping Srl uses a 2-axle low bed with low loading height when it comes to passing under the lowest bridges and underpasses.

In this illustrated project, the task was to transport a tank weighing 16 t. The freight had a length of 20.5 m and a diameter of 4.2 m. All technical advantages of the MegaMAX were of important influence while completing this task.

The pendle axles of the low bed semi-trailer provided for a proper turning angle of maximum 60° in tight passages. And it was the extension of the flat vessel deck by 4.8 m that made it possible to charge the load.

MegaMAX lowbed trailer to move highest goods
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