A safe balancing act

Swiss family business Wipfli is one of the most acknowledged experts in the transport of heavy steel cable reels.

With their extensive CombiMAX modular system, these specialists have the necessary transport flexibility.

This time, the route leads the heavy-duty experts to Fatzer. Five cable reels are ready and waiting here. The company manufactures cables from high-strength precision steel wire in diameters of up to 135 millimetres. This time Wipfli is responsible for the transport of 5 bobbins, each weighing in at 105 tons. Each item is 3.90 metres in diameter and 3.20 metres wide.

Destination Chechnya

“Our job includes transport from Romanshorn to Basel into the Auhafen. From there, the reels will be shipped on the Rhine to Rotterdam,” Peter Wipfli Jun. explains the project specifications. For this purpose, his team is assembling a Faymonville CombiMAX as a 4+7 combination, with an excavator deck integrated between them.

The combination moved through Switzerland, with the 10x4 tractor unit at the front and a supporting 6x4 pushing vehicle at the rear. The total pull weight was 186 tons distributed over a total length of 42 metres. Peter Wipfli Jr. describes the final destination for the cargo: “The reels carrying steel cables, which to be installed for a new cable railway at the Veduchi ski resort in Chechnya.”

Lightweight and modular

The next mission won’t be long in coming for the Swiss. For works manager Peter Wipfli Jun., the Faymonville solution is exactly the right choice for a successful company future. Also and especially for the fact that Wipfli has a clear structure. “As a smaller company, we always have to be able to adapt perfectly to the load. For us, this is only possible with a modular vehicle like the CombiMAX. The CombiMAX impresses with its high-quality workmanship, simple operation and light weight.”

Publication date: 03/2022

A safe balancing act - Success Stories
A safe balancing act - Success Stories
A safe balancing act - Success Stories
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