Passing all bridges

In terms of bridge maintenance, the infrastructure often suffers.

Stricter regulations enforced by the authorities regulate driving over bridges to protect the structures. This means reduced permissible axle loads for these road sections. A development to which the DualMAX holds the solution. 

US customer J&B Heavy Haul from Oklahoma City is specialized in moves ranging from single shipments of project cargo to entire plant moves. Their roots extend back to the stalwart Oklahoma trucking company Hodges Trucking and Hodges Heavy Haul. The founder, Jack Hodges, was a heavy haul and rigging pioneer who started the company in 2011.

Since that time, J&B has acquired a wide range of equipment, amongst them 12 lines of DualMAX dual lane trailers by Faymonville.

Satisfy the weight restrictions

These modular vehicles were the perfect choice to haul a 260,000 lbs. vessel in East Texas. “We selected our DualMAX to help satisfy the weight restrictions on several bridges we had to cross”, says Jimmy Jernigan, Director, about the key challenges. And how they could be met thanks to their modular transport solution.

“The tight turning ability of this trailer made it easy for us to transport this vessel along smaller twolane roads with sharp turns and to distribute the overall weight in accordance with the state‘s request.” The DualMAX remained legally compliant and cost-effective on the road.  

Pendle-axles for perfect handling

The modular dual-lane trailer system can be widened in different stages from 13’-11” to 20 ft, even under load. Faymonville named this unique and patented principle “lift & shift“. The steering system does not need to be modified during this process. This helps to save time and money!

The DualMAX is equipped with hydraulic pendle-axles that offer a steering angle up to 55° to each side, a total stroke of 29.5” and a maximum load per axle line of 52,900 lbs. at 50 mph.

For empty/return transport on a conventional trailer, the chassis frame of the axle bogies can conveniently be folded up, reducing the width to under 10‘. Both a gooseneck and drawbar system are available to pull the DualMAX. 

The Faymonville DualMAX is a modular dual-lane trailer system for highest payloads.
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