MultiMAX Plus

2 to 4-axle semi low loader, extendable, ultra-light construction
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MultiMAX Plus semi low loader

The MultiMAX Plus is characterised by its weight-optimised design with consistently high point load capacity.

The variant with serrated floor grid covering throughout and a loading platform that can be lifted and lowered hydraulically to drive onto the gooseneck is the recognised benchmark when transporting lifting equipment.

  • Manoeuvrable and compact
  • 2 to 4 axles
  • Low loading platform, 1x telescopically extendable
  • Plenty of lashing rings and lashing points


Plan it, carry it out, tick it off – if you opt for semi low loaders from Faymonville, you will be able to enjoy this satisfying sequence in your day-to-day transport.

The goosenecks

In terms of a semi-trailer’s gooseneck, on the one hand it comes down to the specific design and on the other hand to the fifth wheel load as well as the turning radius.

The loading platform

The rear of the loading platform can be designed straight as well as chamfered, thus making it easier to load mobile construction equipment.  

The bogie

In case of a load with a high centre of gravity or frequent use on rough terrain, the hydraulic suspension of the axles makes all the difference.

The steering

 There are basically two different systems: the frictionsteered axles and the hydraulic force-steered axles. 

The ramps

For driving process onto the loading floor, the Faymonville semi low loader portfolio offers hydraulic single and double ramps with different load bearing capacities, several coverings and various widths. 

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