Lowbed semi-trailer with 4 to 6 axles and 1-2 pendle axles integrated in the gooseneck.
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GigaMAX lowbed semi-trailer

The GigaMAX is a low bed semi-trailer designed for heavy duty and special transports.

The 1-2 axles integrated in the gooseneck contribute to the reduction of the overall length and to increase the payload.


Based on 4 to 6 axles, the lowbed GigaMAX allows a high technical payload while featuring a compact design. 

Due to the use of lighter pendle axles (17.5“), the GigaMAX, although already easily manoeuvrable, gains even more mobility.

Suspension and steering

The low-bed semi trailer GigaMAX is equipped with hydraulic suspension.

The following axle systems may be used:

  • Knuckle-steering axles
  • Pendle axles
  • Cranked axles

Equipment & accessories

The lowbed semi-trailer GigaMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options for the low bed semi-trailer include:

  • extendable 
  • removable gooseneck
  • hydraulic gooseneck
  • outer beams with fixed wooden floor
  • excavator deck
  • intermediate platform which connects the front axles to the rear axles to create a flatdeck
  • vessel deck: outer beams without fixed wooden floor

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