A lowbed and red rims

Red rims with a golden edge are the trademark of the 3+5 VarioMAX lowbed combination by Danish customer Vallem Maskintransport.

It is the perfect transport tool to move heavy construction machinery.

Two projects can be seen attached: a piling rig type Junttan PMX 24 with a weight of 74 tons has been loaded on Hammervej and unloaded at Østre gasværk in Copenhagen.

The other load was a Bauer BG36H drilling rig with a weight of 90 tons foreseen for the airport in Copenhagen.

Check out the different lowbed options on https://www.faymonville.com/trailers/variomax/

The VarioMAX lowbed by vallem has an extensible lowbed with minimal ground clearance
The VarioMAX lowbed is suitable to transport heavy construction machines as excavators, road planing machines, pilling and drilling equipment and screening equipment)
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