VarioMAX lowbed trailer as a tool for the high mountains

The Austrian mountains don’t just offer an adrenaline rush for outdoor athletes.

Heavy transport companies also break out in a cold sweat when they have to manoeuvre their vehicles up and down the winding roads. There’s hardly any opportunity to enjoy the unique panorama.

Absolute concentration was required as Hämmerle Spezialtransporte GmbH from Hard in Vorarlberg traversed the road from Bludenz to Alberschwende in the Bregenz Forest with a 55-ton drilling rig. “The route we had to travel has never been used to move equipment like this.

Due to construction works on a bridge near the unloading site, the usual route was blocked”, explains Fabian Hämmerle. So he had to make other plans. “The detour via the ‘Bödele’ was especially challenging. Ahead of us laid very narrow turns and significant inclines. And at the end of the day, we were moving a total weight of around 100 tons.”

Don’t move mountains, conquer them

But with the right equipment, even the most difficult conditions can be overcome. For this heavy transport job, Hämmerle Spezialtransporte GmbH relied on its 2+4 VarioMAX lowbed trailer from Faymonville. This technology may not be able to move mountains – but it can conquer them!

“The hydraulic steering and the pendle-axles are exceptional features, which have facilitated our entry into many a loading site.” Aside from pile drivers and drilling rigs, Hämmerle also transports excavators, wheel loaders and industrial goods with specialised vehicles.

“The technical improvements in our fleet are obvious. Thanks to the 12-ton axle load, we can move equipment up to 72 tons within Austria and Switzerland.” This has opened up new opportunities to Fabian Hämmerle and his family-operated company.

The suspension stroke offers a competitive edge

The 55-ton drilling rig made it to its destination in Alberschwende safely. The success of such projects often depends on the smallest details. Fabian Hämmerle recalls such a moment: “Once, it was only thanks to the trailer’s suspension stroke that we were able to drive over the curb stone and make it around a hairpin turn. Without this feature of the low-bed trailer, the transport wouldn’t have been possible.”

Hämmerle can certainly rely completely on the VarioMAX lowbed trailer and its capabilities, come what may. “On another project, the 600 mm stroke allowed us to drive over a crest that had already defeated another transport company. Tackling transport challenges in the high mountains is one of the real strengths of the 2+4 low-bed trailer from Faymonville.”

VarioMAX lowbed semi-trailer by Hämmerle
VarioMAX lowbed semi-trailer by Hämmerle in Austria
VarioMAX lowbed by Hämmerle
VarioMAX low bed semi-trailer by Hämmerle in Austria
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