A day on the road with... ... Günter Willwert (Lehnen Company) and its low loader

Here we go! Günter Willwert grabs his keys and heads for his tractor and its low loader with a spring in his step.

His schedule is booked up for the day and there’s a lot to do. No time to lose in the early morning. He says a quick “good morning” to his boss and jumps onto the truck.

“First, we’re loading a 36-ton crawler excavator at a motorway construction site”, he explains the first assignment for himself and his mint green combination. Günter Willwert has everything under control and always keeps a cool head, even under pressure. At the loading site, there is hardly any space. Not only that, but huge piles of gravel make parking even harder.

“Without the forced steering on the low loader, I’d be in a fix. It really is worth its weight in gold,” he says with an air of satisfaction. He pulls off the tricky manoeuvre and the machine is ready to be loaded.

But first, Willwert prepares the loading surface. He needs to widen it to 2.8 m, so the excavator can be safely positioned. “With wooden planks, this is always really hard, exhausting work. Thanks to the hydraulic widening of our MultiMAX low loader, it’s no problem. And we can save a lot of time”, he adds, counting off the advantages of the new semi-trailer.

“Someone put some thought into this”

The colossus rumbles across the double ramps and onto the low loader. The ensemble catches the attention of passing motorists who crane their necks for a glimpse. Günter Willwert begins to secure his heavy freight.

The 62-year-old is a true expert, who can state with all his know-how: “Someone has really put some thought into this. You can tell. All of these lashing points are very practical. Some of the hooks even swivel.”

Passion and expertise

Günter Willwert loves his job and has spent nearly 43 years with the company. A passionate cyclist, he brings a refreshing sense of passion that seems contagious. At the next construction site, a 30-ton, 4.2 m-high wheel loader is waiting for him. Here, it’s time for the wheel recesses in the MultiMAX to show what they can do.

Günter Willwert seems immune to the heat of the day. The lorry driver enjoys his work. And the new MultiMAX low loader just adds to his fun. “It’s our show pony.” Now, the last job is done and it’s off back to the company yard in Sehlem. Günter Willwert turns off the engine and he and his equipment take a breather.

“It all starts again tomorrow,” says Willwert as he prepares to leave. He takes a refreshing swig of water and locks the doors behind him. 

The MultiMAX low loader is the economic and flexible transport solution
The MultiMAX low loader from Lehnen is equipped with an excavator trough and wheel recesses
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