The destination of the semi-trailer is in the rear-view mirror

Precise planning is everything in heavy transport. That is why a great deal of time is invested in analysing the route profile for the semi-trailer.

Sometimes this can lead to unusual results. For example, a special transport might end up driving backwards to its destination.

Not a routine task, not even for the Belgian special transport professionals from Jan Coesens. A drill weighing 65 tonnes was loaded in Ostende and had to be delivered to the city centre in Mechelen. The final stretch of just under 1.6 km was completed in reverse.

“Manoeuvrability makes all the difference”

At Jan Coesens, they chose their 6-axle MultiMAX semi-trailer with extra-low PA-X pendle-axle as their transport solution. This trailer had only recently been added to the fleet. “The vehicle allows for a very high point load above the axles.

That means that the power transfer goes straight to the centre of the axle. That is a big advantage for us when we have to move 60‑70 tonnes”, explains the head of the company approvingly. “We often have to take these sorts of heavy loads through narrow alleys and winding lanes,” says driver Peter Vandevijver and shows off photos of the last job on his iPad.

He has worked in heavy transport for nearly 25 years and knows what counts. “Manoeuvrability is becoming more and more important. Roundabouts, hairpin turns and tricky driveways are routine for me. The new MultiMAX semi-trailer from Faymonville with its forced steering on the pendle-axles is perfectly suited
for that kind of job.” 

With forced steering and good visual judgement

The optimised steering system of the semi‑trailer had a chance to prove its worth in a narrow s‑curve in front of an entry to a residential area. Counter‑steering and steering worked in perfect harmony to make short work of the stretch. Peter Vandevijver steered the lorry safely to its destination looking in the rear-view mirror. The drill was able to be unloaded.

The 49-year-old and his 6-axle MultiMAX semi-trailer are looking forward to future projects. “Every day, there’s something new. It’s the variety that makes it fun.”

The low pendle-axle PA-X: 790 mm loading height, 60° steering angle, 600 mm stroke
The low pendle-axle PA-X: 790 mm loading height, 60° steering angle, 600 mm stroke
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