Versatile as a Swiss army knife

Faymonville´s 2-axle MegaMAX lowbed can be characterised as a real all-purpose.

The requirements are complex when firms want to add a new semi-trailer. It has to be able to do as much as possible, weigh virtually nothing and have the perfect dimensions.

"Very stable built and manufactured with the highest quality"

The 2-axle MegaMAX is a hole in one. It wins you over with its low loading height (300mm) of the bed that’s extendable by 5.85m. Ideal for example for the company Kösters from the Siegerland, which transports half-shells for offshore wind farms. „The low bed semi-trailer is very stably built and manufactured with the highest quality.

We very often exploit the maximum allowed payload, but the lowbed can handle that without any problems at all", as representative Dennis Pieper from Kösters Transporte praises the production work.

"Very simple to operate"

„Moreover, the MegaMAX proves to be very simple to operate. All of the drivers are able to disconnect the gooseneck or extend the bed without any difficulties“. With a bed length of 6.85m and a minimal net weight (12.5t), the vehicle remains within the legal provisions of 16.5m total trailer length. The MegaMAX respects the classical container dimensions as well.

A product that’s versatile ... to the MAX.

Versatile as a Swiss army knife
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