First moves for Martlé on their new VarioMAX Plus lowbed

The VarioMAX Plus lowbed makes them ready for the future!

The first transport jobs from Martlé Moving & Lifting and their new 2+5 VarioMAX Plus lowbed combinations have been accomplished successfully. 

The low bed semi-trailers by Faymonville make them ready for the future! The lowbeds will move construction machines, excavators and recycling machines up to 100 tons and beyond

The “Joker axletechnology allows that higher payload requirements can be met by intergrating additional single axle bogies into the configuration.

It enables a flexible adaptation of the combination to load, legal payloads and routing. 

The strengths of the VarioMAX Plus low bed semi-trailer are its high payload capacity, modular versatility and agile handling.
Thanks to the Joker-axle-technology, the VarioMAX Plus low bed semi-trailer remains legally compliant and cost-effective on the road.
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