HighwayMAX Booster

12-axle HighwayMAX Booster single drop highway trailer pushing the legal payload towards 205,000 lbs at 20,000 lbs per axle!
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HighwayMAX Booster single drop highway trailer

The 12-axle HighwayMAX Booster single drop highway trailer is pushing the legal payload of this unique transport system towards 205,000 lbs at 20,000 lbs per axle!

With its very strong spine and the Pin-on Nitro booster, the HighwayMAX Booster can handle even concentrated loads with ease. The wheel bogies has been reinforced in order to allow the lifting of the booster under full payload.

Closed and with the booster decked, the truck & trailer length remains below 90’.


For higher payload capacity

Outstanding maneuverability & fast mobilization

  • Pin-on Nitro booster, easy to connect and to remove
  • Booster in self-tracking pivot design with additional steering cylinder
  • Main trailer with king-pin steering
  • Steering angle up to 60°

Time-saving & user-friendly

  • Stretch deck with a total length of 89’ without booster
  • Easy extending and closing within minutes
  • “Truck & Trailer” length below 90’ allowing to travel without escort in most states
  • Axle spacing between the groups adjustable up to 16' with booster and up to 22’-6” without booster in steps of 2'
  • All axles liftable
  • Trailer and booster with self-contained power packs

Even stronger than an ox

  • Extremely high point loads of 44,000 lbs over axle bearings and 88,000 lbs over center spine
  • Concentrated load capability even for extended loading platform
  • Hydraulic axle compensation for increased side stability
  • Multiple lashing rings and load fixing points

The peak of high-tech

  • US-DOT certified components for brake- and lighting system
  • Spare parts available in the US market
  • Fully metalized /spray galvanized trailer for the best corrosion protection available in the market

Numerous features

  • Compensating gooseneck with lift and lowering function and fifth wheel adjustment by hydraulic switching and mechanical fine tuning device
  • Control panel for steering and suspension on the left side
  • Axles bogies with pendle-axle with hydro-mechanically
  • Lighting system 12-Volt in full LED, conform to the US-regulations
  • Locking position of the loading platform with conical welded locking profiles
  • 3 sliding bolsters, length ± 24”
  • Side turn and marker lamp on each axle bogie
  • Lashing rings alongside each travers beam
  • Screwable lashing rings. Lashing capacity: 22,050 lbs
  • Cylinder Hatz-Diesel engine, conform to the US EPA regulations, with electric starter and battery
  • Steering cylinder for maneuvering
  • Self contained pony-motor and control unit with auto-levelling system

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