Forestry & wood

The industrial use of timber requires sophisticated transport solutions. Faymonville draws on decades of experience in this field.

Conditions in the forest are demanding. The transportation of short wood and long trunks as well as various forestry machinery is performed on terrain that is difficult to drive on. In the forestry sector Faymonville provides sophisticated transport solutions ranging from low loaders and lowbed trailers through to self-steering trailer combinations, which are specially designed for these challenges.

For round timber, long trunks and sawn timber

After felling the timber, the raw material is transported from the forest to the mills for processing. On the one hand Faymonville makes long timber vehicles for logs up to a length of 22 metres, on the other hand short timber vehicles for stacking units between two and six metres. Added to this, special tailor-made vehicles are for the combined transportation of long timber and short timber or sawn timber.

The TimberMAX flatbed semi-trailer is a trailer with 2-3 axles, optimised for the transport of short and long timber. Due to the ability to be loaded with both types of round timber, the vehicles are not load dependent at any time and can be used flexibly and economically.

The weight-optimised dolly trailer in the FlexMAX version is designed for the transportation of long timber. In the case of the long timber truck, the load assumes a critical, stabilising function. It transfers the tractor unit’s steering angle to the self-steering trailer. The tractor unit is equipped with a turntable. If the truck is additionally equipped with a lifting crane, the compact FlexMAX trailer can be loaded in a very short time for empty trips.

Move forestry machinery with the lowbed trailer

Another option for forestry work, truck-mounted crane structures and trailers are available especially for transporting short timber. The structures are bolted onto the frame of a tractor unit in compliance with the guidelines issued by the truck manufacturers. The drawbar trailer scores highly with its lightweight design. The complete truck is sturdily constructed for the demanding operations in forestry areas, yet also allows maximum carrying capacity. Flatbed trailers are equally used for transporting sawn timber and round timber.

Specialists rely on ultra-modern and sturdy equipment for felling timbers in forests. As the ideal transport solution for this forestry machinery, Faymonville offers specially designed lowbed semi-trailers in the MegaMAX version. The low construction and high manoeuvrability ensure time-efficient and cost-effective work. Harvesters, skidders and forwarders are transported quickly and safely to the operation site. The lowbed with removable gooseneck and various types of lowbed in a 2 or 3-axle version is ideally suited for these tasks.

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