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The Faymonville ModulMAX is a series of combinable transport modules with 2-6 axle lines for off-road and on-road operations. The vehicles are equipped with 215/75 R17.5¨ twin tires and are available in a standard width of 9'-10.11". 

The ModulMAX is a flexible product line that includes the technology to give your operator the ability to use either G-Modul and S-Modul units. Whichever best suits your requirements.

Our tried and proven pendle-axle technology is used in all three modes: Trailer Mode, Assist-Propelled Mode and Self-Propelled Mode.

The steering system of these trailers varies between electronic and mechanical.

The ModulMAX range is rounded off by a full range of options and accessories to obtain the best configuration for any type of load.


What makes it unique?

  • The widest heavy duty range
  • Seamless interoperability
  • Motorized axles - on and off
  • Full range of accessories
  • High-level manufacturing
  • The best corrosion protection on the market

Your choice between three different modes:

TM: Trailer Mode

The trailer mode is the most common way to work with modular platform trailers in on-road and off-road applications. One or more trucks pull or push the trailer by means of a drawbar system or a gooseneck.

In drawbar mode, the trailer can be assembled in a 2-file configuration, or even side-by-side in a in a 3-file (1+1/2) or 4-file (1+1) configuration. The trailer mode allows travel speeds of up to 50 mph. Therefore, it is the most suitable solution for long transport distances.

AP: Assist-Propelled Mode

The assist-propelled mode system is a highly efficient drive system that is used for both on-road and off-road missions. For on-road transport, the wheel motors provide a high driving force on demand and can thus replace additional trucks. Thus, if necessary, tractive force peaks can be bridged when starting off or when driving uphill.

From a certain speed the drive axles switch to a freewheel mode and can be pulled at up to 50 mph. If the speed drops, the axles switch on again automatically if desired.

SP: Self-Propelled Mode

Mechanical or electronic steering modular combinations can be for used in-plant or off-road transports. The drive axles are then supplied by Power Pack Units and generate driving forces that can move loads of several thousands of tons. The vehicle can be entirely controlled by a single remote. All vehicle combinations from 2-file, 3-file and 4-file up to open compound vehicle groups are possible with this drive mode.

Mechanical steering system

Every modular bogie has at least one integrated hydraulic steering system. The customer can choose between standard- or counter-steering. The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or by a drawbar.

The freely accessible steering rods provide for easy and safe adaptation of steering angles. Remote steering by wireless or remote control is part of the basic configuration.

Compared to knuckle steered axles, the driving height on pendle-axles has no impact on the axle track.

Available for TM: Trailer Mode, AP: Assist-Propelled Mode, SPSelf-Propelled Mode

Electronic steering system

The ModulMAX modules can also be equipped with an electronically controlled steering system with a steering angle up to +/- 140°. The steering motors are operated by proportional solenoid valves and directly managed from the central system.

The corresponding position of the suspension units is continuously verified by an encoder taking into account the steering joystick position. It is possible to select several steering modes.

Because of this, it is very simple to work in tight areas.

Available for SP: Self-Propelled Mode


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