Modular through Maryville

The planning of specialized transportation is often a time-consuming job.

Definitive routes have to be selected after a detailed analysis of various options and possibilities. Last-minute changes due to acts of nature beyond the transporter’s control can make it necessary for months of planning to be re-evaluated and modified.

Berghorst and Son, Inc. from Hull, Iowa have experienced exactly this when the heavy haul specialists had to move two transformers to a wind farm substation near Maryville, Missouri. “The plan was to move them from a rail siding near Rockport, Missouri, but then unprecedented floods hit. The rail siding was damaged as well as the roads around it”, explains David Vant Hul, Vice-President of Berghorst and Son.

New requirements, new solution

They had to come up with a plan B for this scenario with gross weight of approx. 450,000 lbs. and Vant Hul and his team found a solution. “Our specialist searched for another rail siding which they were able to locate and secure in Villisca.”

But this important change had another impact. “With this new rail siding being in Iowa, we were forced, per Iowa law, to not exceed 20,000 lbs. per axle line. Additionally, the route was too narrow in some places to use any of our dual lane trailers.”  

Ultimately both issues could be resolved thanks to their modular axle lines from Faymonville. David Vant Hul: “We loaded and hauled each of these two transformer units on 19 lines of single file trailers with gooseneck.” The gooseneck allows for additional pulling force when extra traction is needed off-road.

Another successful project that could be handled by Berghorst and Son with their modular vehicle. “We are very pleased with our Faymonville equipment. The quality and versatility have been an asset to our business.”

Perfect handling in difficult situations

The modular axle lines from Faymonville are real power machines. They allow axle loads of up to 99,200 lbs. per line and point loads of up to 110,230 lbs. Flexibility is a key advantage and the hydraulic axle compensation with a stroke of up to 25.6” is an additional key feature.

The remote steering is a great asset for getting the trailer on the right spot. Advanced technology in perfection!

The Faymonville ModulMAX is a combinable on- and off-road transport modular concept for payloads of up to 5,000 t.
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