HighwayMAX All-In-One

The modular vehicle concept with versatile application possibilities both as a single drop trailer and as a double drop vehicle.
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HighwayMAX All-In-One modular highway trailer

The HighwayMAX All-In-One is a modular vehicle concept with versatile application possibilities both as a single drop trailer and as a double drop vehicle.

The 3+6 double drop variant achieves a legal payload of 150,000 lbs with 20,000 lbs axle load. Separation points at the front and rear bogie allow an easy exchange of the deck. This feature enables the vehicle to be ideally adaptable to any transport mission with excavator decks, transformer decks, perimeter decks or wind tower adapters.

With the installation of the telescopic Add-On-Beam, the vehicle becomes a single drop trailer in no time and can move payloads over 200,000 lbs with the additional nitro booster.

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ONE trailer to create FIVE combinations

Double drop variants for higher loads

  • Gooseneck and front bogie removable to load construction machinery from the front
  • Separation points on the front and rear bogie for the installation of various decks or wind tower adapters
  • Deck with coupling points for the installation of additional inserts
  • Independent loading of the removable front bogie for a minimum length while empty run

Single drop variants for allround projects

  • Telescopic Add-On-Beam and rear bogie for a loading length up to 100’
  • 3-axle nitro booster to increase the payload to more than 200,000 lbs
  • Robust frame for maximum load capacity even with very compact loads
  • Variable axle spacing between the tridems
  • Nitro booster can be raised and steered for easy manoeuvring

High-tech in perfection

  • Kingpin-steered front and rear bogies with additional remote steering
  • Pendle-axle technology with 60° steering angle and 24 inches stroke
  • Hydraulic load compensation between gooseneck and the front tridem

Numerous features

  • Add-On beam prepared for additional inserts
  • Double-drop decks with couplings for inserts
  • Pendular axle technology
  • Hydraulic coupling pin to interchange drop-decks and Add-on beams
  • Hydraulic quick couplers
  • Fifth wheel load adjustable
  • Electrical- and air-system following DOT standards
  • Hatz Diesel engine, conform to US-EPA regulations
  • Booster liftable from the ground under full load
  • Load indicators for an any booster set-up
  • Intuitive operating concept
  • Certified lashing rings

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