Modular lightness through North America

For several years, Faymonville has regularly provided new technologies to the North American transportation industry.

The latest addition is the HighwayMAX All-In-One modular vehicle concept. A true revolution - confirms Rossco Crane and Rigging Inc., who recently acquired such a vehicle for their business.

Vice President of Rossco Crane and Rigging, Ross Kovach, expressed his enthusiasm about the newest edition to their fleet, “This is a real game-changer for us. With the HighwayMAX All-In-One we’ve increased efficiency, allowing us to do multiple hauls within a day instead of just one. The versatility is really amazing, you get multiple vehicles in one package.” The modular aspect of the HighwayMAX All-In-One is truly making an impression on U.S. customers.

"The most important aspect is maneuverability".

The HighwayMAX All-In-One varies from a 3+6 flatbed to a 9-axle flatbed when needed, capable of moving payloads in excess of 200,000 pounds with the addition of a nitro booster. Ross Kovach reports from his daily routine, "The maneuverability of this combination compared to anything else is absolutely remarkable. We often have to navigate small, tight turns and very congested construction sites while hauling long loads. Our new HighwayMAX All-In-One combination manages those with ease." And that enthusiasm is infectious, "we've had whole teams on site looking at the vehicle in action - they've never seen anything like it."

Nitro booster hovers over ditch

For this job, Rossco experts are assembling a 9-axle combination with 3-axle booster. The job is to transport the 192,000-pound base unit of a Liebherr LR 1800-1.0 800-ton crawler crane to a wind farm. "The customer is really pleased that we can load the element in one piece and not in two units. That results in massive time saving," Ross Kovach describes.

Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel Inc. distributes Faymonville products in North America and sales representative Marc Staley shares his enthusiasm for the use of a HighwayMAX All-In-One for this Rossco transport project, “The moment when the nitro booster is lifted and swings over the ditch while the driver takes a left turn is impressive. It’s a scene that is emblematic of the ease with which tasks can be mastered with the HighwayMAX All-In-One.”

Date of publication: 10/2023

Modular lightness through North America
Modular lightness through North America
Modular lightness through North America
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