Low bed semi-trailer with 4 to 6 axles and 1-2 pendle axles integrated in the gooseneck.
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GigaMAX low bed semi-trailer

The GigaMAX is a low bed semi-trailer designed for heavy duty and special transports.

The 1-2 axles integrated in the gooseneck contribute to the reduction of the overall length and to increase the payload.

Combine compactness with high payload!
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Based on 4 to 6 axles, the GigaMAX allows a high technical payload while featuring a compact design. 

Due to the use of lighter pendle axles (17.5“), the GigaMAX, although already easily manoeuvrable, gains even more mobility.

Suspension and steering

The GigaMAX is equipped with hydraulic suspension.

The following axle systems may be used:

  • Knuckle-steering axles
  • Pendle axles
  • cranked axles

Equipment & accessories

The GigaMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options for the semi-trailer include:

  • extendable 
  • removable gooseneck
  • hydraulic gooseneck
  • outer beams with fixed wooden floor
  • excavator deck
  • intermediate platform which connects the front axles to the rear axles to create a flatdeck
  • vessel deck: outer beams without fixed wooden floor


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  • Construction
  • Heavy & industrial transport
  • Cranes & equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Wind & energy
  • Finished parts
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry & wood
  • Glass
  • Boats, yachts & ships
  • Military
  • Railway vehicles

Areas of activity


The strengths of the GigaMAX semi-trailer certainly lie in its length-optimised and weight-optimised construction. These properties enable not only adherence to legal boundary conditions, but also increase manoeuvrability and efficiency in loading and transport.

The GigaMAX semi-trailer is suitable for the transport of:

  • Heavy construction machines (excavation and road construction, recycling, road planing machines, crushing equipment, screening equipment)
  • Wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades, hybrid towers)
  • Structural elements (steel and concrete elements)
  • Industrial parts (transformers, crane-loaded goods, ring transport)
  • Crane systems (cranes, crane weights, crane components)
  • Conveying and crushing systems (demolition and recycling industry)
  • Track-guided vehicles (trams, locomotives, wagons)
  • Boats (yachts)
  • Precast concrete parts
  • Bulky goods and heavy loads
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