Falco, Faremax and Co.

The planning process for transportation projects often looks the same. First, the load is determined, then the corresponding vehicle is chosen.

This approach raises many questions: how does my trailer need to be combined in order to transport the cargo? And where exactly do I position it on the vehicle?

Direct answers are initially less likely to be found out in the yard than in front of the computer. Because that’s where Faymonville’s own software allows different scenarios to be simulated prior to actual implementation.

The goal: verify in theory what is even possible in practice!

“Falco” (Faymonville Analytical Loading Capacity Organizer) is the name of the program for modular trailers. It‘s a simple aid for when things gets complicated.

The customer inputs the load properties into the system and it calculates the possibilities.

The IT basis of “Falco” is the principle “define and combine“.

Intuitive and user-friendly

The software “Faremax” (Faymonville Repartition of Mass by Axles) can be used for classic trailers when load distribution and lever calculations need to be determined. A simple, clear, fast process, always based on the specific information of the customer’s vehicle.

The right program for the self-propelled transporters from Cometto is called “Cosmo” (Cometto software for modular trailers). All of these tools are a mix of technology, mathematics, physics and information technology.

Faymonville has developed them to be intuitive and user-friendly.

The results can then be printed out and taken to the yard or jobsite, so that the driver has all the important information in front of him to set up and combine the vehicles and secure the load.

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