The rotor blade adapter

Nimbly moving rotor blades!

Universal dolly trailer combination with transport device for rotor blades

Available for FlexMAX, ModulMAX and CombiMAX

Unique features

  • 30 ton lifting capacity
  • 1,700 mm stroke
  • 1 universal basic design
  • Mechanically expandable for use with dolly

Maximum manoeuvrability

Rotor blade transport with a self-steering trailer significantly increases agility compared to extendable vehicles.

  • Steering by the assistant driver independent of the tractor unit
  • Improved ground clearance under the blade thanks to the absence of telescopic boom
  • Reduced gross weight, which lightens the tractor unit and avoids overloading

Powerful lifting capacity like no other

With an unrivalled lifting capacity of 30 tons, the turbine blade adapter from Faymonville is designed today for the rotor blade weights of tomorrow.

  • Provides space for sufficient axles to comply with legal axle loads
  • Basic system version designed for 8x4 tractor unit
  • Attachable extension allows extended use with a 2-axle dolly

Built for any terrain

Depending on the configuration, a stroke of up to 1,700 mm is possible for tackling obstacles during transport.

  • The hydraulics are supplied by the HGV powerpack or a dedicated diesel generator.
  • Simple operation in combination with the standard radio remote control
  • Allows for fast lifting and lowering of the load

Universal interface to the cradle support

Each blade manufacturer uses its own transport cradles. Their dimensions and connection points sometimes differ considerably. Faymonville offers a flexible solution here.

  • Universal interface
  • Mounting systems such as hooks, twistlocks or bolt-and-link connections can be attached easily.
  • Far-sighted concept for future transport tasks

Quick coupling to the tractor unit

The Faymonville transport system can be coupled quickly and easily to the tractor using 4 pins.

Available for FlexMAXModulMAX and CombiMAX

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