The loading platform coverings for semi-trailers

Wooden planking, steel floor, rubber covering & serrated grid covering

Wooden planking

The area between and in front of the axles is fitted with a hardwood covering with this variant.

It forms an average sliding friction coefficient of µ=0.2.

For further increased point loading, the wood floor can be reinforced with an additional steel sheet cover.

Steel floor

For extremely high point loads - as occur, for example, when transporting mobile indoor cranes - Faymonville offers a continuous steel floor with highly load-bearing outer panels.

Wheel loads of 12 tonnes are therefore no problem, even with small wheels.

For maximum occupational safety, the entire loading platform is equipped with sand finish.

Rubber covering

To reduce the amount of lashing equipment required, the loading platform can be equipped with rubber elements.

Ideally, a sliding friction coefficient of µ=0.7 can be achieved by this means.

This means that just 30 per cent of the mass being secured must be done using lashing equipment or other load securing measures.

Serrated grid covering

Smaller mobile equipment such as lifting platforms and fork-lift trucks require additional grip.

Choosing serrated grid covering is the ideal solution here.

The MultiMAX Plus family allows the use of serrated grid flooring across the entire loading platform width and length.

The serrated grid covering is reinforced by additional steel sheet flooring to reach higher point loading.

Available for: MultiMAX MultiMAX Plus MultiMAX PA-X

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