The extendable loading platform for semi-trailers

The majority of semi low loaders at Faymonville feature a single extendable loading platform.

The extension offers enough flexibility in everyday operations to adapt to and overcome the different transport tasks.

The telescopic extendibility also increases the vehicle’s resale value compared to non-extendable vehicles.

Besides the single extendable versions, the MultiMAX series also provides loading platforms that can be telescopically extended by 2 or even 3 times.

It is worth taking a look at the details here too: The extension’s locking mechanism is pneumatically activated and is fitted on the extension rods on both sides.

Combined with the reinforced locking positions, an optimal transfer of the pulling forces is guaranteed even on the most powerful tractor units.

Aluminium bridging elements

The area on the extension is generally set up with mountings for aluminium bridging elements. As an option, a wheel recess with corresponding chamfers can be implemented here.

Load-bearing sliding bolsters

If loading in the telescoping area makes additional supports necessary, several load-bearing sliding bolsters and bridging elements are available.

Available for: MultiMAX MultiMAX Plus MultiMAX PA-X

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