Boats, yachts & ships

Faymonville offers the necessary means to transport boats, yachts or ships between water and land.

Boats, yachts and ships make it possible to enjoy freedom on the water. They are becoming increasingly popular for extraordinary sports and leisure experiences. In everyday parlance, a yacht is a vessel with an approximate length of over 10 m: anything less than that is a boat.

The largest private yachts, often also called super yachts or mega yachts, now reach proportions of over 180 metres long. They can reach a speed of 20–36 knots.

From the road to the water

Lowbed trailers and modular vehicles provide indispensable transport solutions for any challenge in the shipbuilding industry. The MegaMAX low bed semi-trailers with removable gooseneck and the various types of low bed bring boats, yachts, ships and sailing boats efficiently to their destination. The very low loading height, the high payload and the length-optimised loading platform featured on the double drop deck all score highly.

For moving large volume ships or also ship sections, heavy-duty modules are often resorted to. Thanks to their variety of combinations, modular semi-trailers extend the possibilities. Due to the interplay of bolt coupling, trough, hook coupling and telescopic extension, the CombiMAX can be adapted to any type of ship transportation.

Thanks to the add-on beam, the turntable with intermediate platform, the joker axle or the drawbar, the modular vehicle offers further extension options.