TeleMAX - North America

Stretch single-drop trailer with 3 or 4 axles to move blades and much more !
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TeleMAX stretch trailer

The TeleMAX is available as a triple or four-time extender and ideally suited for wind blades as well as any other extremely long cargo.

Beyond the extensions, the non-load bearing pull-out (24‘) permits a longer overhang.

When length matters!
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TeleMAX trailers are very versatile and easy to use.

The automatic king-pin steering acts on a double race turntable steering system at the rear, allowing for a maximum steering angle of up to 55°. Besides, the override remote control steering allows to maneuver the TeleMAX around tight turns and into difficult jobsites

Thanks to the drop behind the neck and the use of 17.5” tires, it comes with a lower rear deck height than any other trailers of similar length. The air suspension with a stroke of 8” allows to adjust the deck height additionally and to cope with rough terrain or uneven roads.

When closed and empty, the TeleMAX runs within 53’ length and 100” width, not requiring any escort or permit.

Finally, it fully complies with the specific dimensional and DOT requirements in North America, thereby maximizing possibilities for users in the US and Canada.

Check out the technical features that ensure maximum transport efficiency and safety:

  • Available as 3- or 4-axle
  • Available as
    • 3-stage extender: 176’ composed as 152’ + 24’ pull-out
    • 4-stage extender: 200’ composed as 176’ + 24’ pull-out
  • Air suspension with 8” stroke
  • Automatic king-pin steering incl. remote control
  • Large steering angle of 55°
  • Full deck with timber cover for versatile use beyond blade transport
  • Low rear deck ride height: 48” as 3-stage or 51” as 4-stage
  • Honda pony motor for fully self-contained hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic support leg to help stretching/retracting the trailer
  • Fully metalized frame for the best corrosion protection available in the market


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  • Construction
  • Heavy & industrial transport
  • Cranes & equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Wind & energy
  • Finished parts
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry & wood
  • Glass
  • Boats, yachts & ships
  • Military
  • Railway vehicles

Areas of activity


TeleMAX single-drop trailers are suitable for the transport of the following goods:

  • Rotor or turbine blades and tower segments for wind power plants
  • Structural elements such as steel and concrete beams
  • Roof constructions
  • Bridge elements
  • Railcars and wagons
  • And many more

New and used vehicles

Used and new stock vehicles, immediately available

Sorry, there are currently no stock vehicles of this type available for this model. If your are currently looking for a particular product, please leave us a message and we will get back to you very soon.

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