From the port to the wind farm

Green technology has become an increasingly social topic. Wind energy occupies a key position within this debate.

New challenges are coming up and this includes new transport tasks for heavy haul companies.

Blue goes green! A short pun describing how Roll-Lift USA, Inc. from Dayton, Texas takes on the job of moving a new delivery of wind turbine blades.

A mission made for their four 3-axle TeleMAX trailers with trucks in typical blue. With their four extensions, these trailers reach a total open length of 200’, composed of 176’ deck length and a 24’ non-load bearing pull-out to allow for a longer overhang.

“The Rolls-Royce under the extendables”

At the port of Houston, Roll-Lift USA, Inc. unloaded a number of wind turbine blades. They were lifted in tandem by a Manitowoc on pedestal and one of the vessel’s cranes.

“We are hauling these blades with our Faymonville trailers, this must be the Rolls-Royce of extendables”, reveals Denis Brouwer, President of Roll-Lift USA, Inc., referring to the stretch flat deck trailers from Faymonville.

“I witnessed the operator extending it and it runs like clockwork. The hydraulic legs as well as the simple locking mechanism makes it so much easier to operate.” That are useful tools to support the stretching process of the platform.

The TeleMAX convinces when length matters and the smooth operation definitely make it the ideal transport solution for Roll-Lift USA, Inc. when transporting components for the wind industry.

Maneuver around tight turns

Faymonville has a long history and experience with this type of trailer that has been adapted to the North American DOT standards with regards to the air and electrical systems.

Its lightweight construction increases the payload capacity, the low loading deck height helps to avoid height clearance issues such as bridges.

In order to reach the highest possible steering angle of 55°, the TeleMAX trailers are equipped with a double race turntable steering system.

Finally, the override remote control steering allows it to maneuver around tight turns, whether in mountainous or densely populated areas.

The TeleMAX is available as a triple or four-time extender and ideally suited for wind blades as well as any other extremely long cargo.
The automatic king-pin steering acts on a double race turntable steering system at the rear, allowing for a maximum steering angle of up to 55°.
When closed and empty, the TeleMAX runs within 53’ length and 100” width, not requiring any escort or permit.
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