The railway vehicle for semi-trailers

The transportation of trams, underground carriages and locomotives requires special equipment.

Loading and unloading them by crane is generally not possible.

Besides various axle technologies such as cranked axles, independent wheel suspension or pendle-axles, a ‘rail stand ramp’ measuring up to 21.75 meters long is used.

This component allows trams even with minimal ground clearance to be loaded at an incline of less than 2.5 degrees.

During transportation, the stand can be used as an extended loading platform. The load distribution between the tractor unit and the axles is thereby optimised.

The loading platform has one or more rail guides. For this purpose, the telescoping area is designed with bridging rails.

Moreover, extension elements can be bolted on, allowing ideal pre-tensioning of the entire combination.

  • With cranked axles, independent wheel suspension or pendle-axles
  • Up to 21.75-meter long “rail stand ramp” with incline less than 2.5 degrees
  • Loading platform with one or more rail guides

Available for: MultiMAX MultiMAX PA-X

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