MAXProtect+: maximum & lasting protection

Faymonville relies on MAXProtect+, a fully coordinated and meticulously optimised surface treatment system.

Weathering and environmental influences plus corrosion and stone chips are the biggest enemies of a steel structure. For the long-term protection of the surfaces of the semi-trailer, Faymonville relies on MAXProtect+, a fully co-ordinated and meticulously optimised surface treatment system.

MAXProtect+ is by far the best concept currently available in the industry. That's why it occupies the top spot in the field of surface protection.

Developed and tested "In-house"

All stages and processes included in MAXProtect+ – from the painting to the metallisation, including shot peening and sandblasting – are carried out, developed and tested ‘in-house’.

This optimum surface treatment additionally increases the quality and longevity of our trailers.

Composition of the surface refinement

  1. Shot blasting: airless blast cleaning with metallic shot.
  2. Manual blasting: manual cleaning and refinement of the material surface with mineral blasting agents..
  3. Metallisation: application of a zinc/aluminium layer for corrosion and adhesion protection. Partial metallisation especially for strongly stressed surfaces.
  4. Joint sealing: prevents the spread of rust in the gap.
  5. Priming: 2-component zinc epoxy with 85% zinc content and additional active corrosion protection.
  6. Top coat: final coating with 2-component DTM.
  7. Sealing: prevents corrosion in corners and hollow spaces.
  8. Optional: Seawater-resistant complete preservation

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Long-lasting corrosion protection MAProtect+
Long-lasting corrosion protection MAProtect+
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