This 9-axle trailer allows to transport high and heavy loads with a double-drop configuration.
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This 9-axle vehicle allows you to transport high and heavy loads with a double-drop configuration.

The development of this lowboy is based on two axes :

  • The payload increase thanks to additional axles
  • With such a number of axles and such a length, maneuverability increase with two more turning points

This helps in states where axle load and height are strictly ruled, and when the planned route is particularly winding. So it is necessary to limit space requirements.


The lowboy for payload and maneuverability 

Easy and user-friendly handling

  • Hydraulic liftable and detachable gooseneck for continuous height adjustment and a maximum of safety during loading process
  • King-pin steering
  • Manual steering override by remote control

Deck interchangeability : flat deck, perimeter deck, spine deck

  • Perimeter deck, flat deck and spine deck interchangeable
  • Additional deck inserts available
  • Available with removable centre deck covers, outriggers, container liftings

13-axle assembly

  • Possibility to add a 3-axle jeep dolly under the gooseneck, able to support at least 100,000 lbs
  • 3-axle bogie can be coupled with 3-axle booster
  • Manoeuvrability increase due to those extra turning points

High-performance axle for high-performance trailer

  • 19.5’’ pendular axle on the bogie, able to lift 30,700 lbs at 50mph.
  • Hydraulic compensation (23’’ - 5/8 stroke)
  • A steering angle of 60°
  • Axle strong enough to support extra load when the loaded booster is lifted

« Joker Axle » possibility : tridem turns into a quad

  • Additional steerable axle between low bed and rear bogie
  • Exact same technical characteristics than other axles of rear bogie
  • Additional payload at disposal

The peak of high-tech

  • Spare parts available in US Market
  • Fully metalized frame for the best corrosion protection available in the market

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